Farmers and farmers' organisations, foresters, EIP-AGRI Operational Groups, SMEs, start-ups, advisers, universities, research and technology organisations, rural networks, and anyone who may be involved in relevant projects or has experience with engaging in, designing and/or implementing innovative solutions and adoption of new practices and technologies in small agricultural and forestry holdings across Europe are invited to apply. We would like to hear about your projects and experiences.

Scope and objectives
Small agricultural and forestry holdings form an integral part of Europe’s countryside, helping to preserve the diversity of the landscape, providing a livelihood for millions of people and nurturing various centuries-old traditions and customs in the countryside.

Small holdings exist throughout the EU. Often such small farms and forestry holdings are run at family level over many generations. They may generally be characterised by lower efficiency and diversity of production. Owners are often of older generations, or may not have had the opportunity to attend higher education, so implementing innovations or new technologies can sometimes be difficult. Part-time farmers may face similar challenges and are also limited in agricultural surface.

The overall aim of the workshop is to promote networking among people and projects dealing with innovation and adoption of new technologies in small farm and forestry holdings. This means to learn more about each other, find common issues, explore possibilities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The specific objectives of the workshop are:

  • identifying common challenges
  • exploring potential solutions to shared challenges
  • exchanging good practices
  • connecting participating projects
  • promoting further cooperation between partners from different projects