WiseFarmer Project summary

The goal of this short movie is to briefly introduce the project activities, linking anyone interested in our results to the corresponding webpage, as well as giving access to explore our Inventarium Handbook, which contains other interesting details. The recordings were taken during the project until the last meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, at the end of August 2021.

Youtube video.

More information: Project results: https://www.wisefarmer.eu/results
Download the Inventarium Handbook: https://www.wisefarmer.eu/sites/defau...


Knowledge Base of project Wisefarmer

The Knowledge Base (KB) of the Wisefarmer project is one of the final outputs of the Wisefarmer project and contains a list of innovations used in agriculture, especially for small farmers. It enables basic filtering and full-text search options, and the KB content itself is created by Wisefarmer project partners.

More information you can find https://learn.wisefarmer.eu/kb

Learning platform

Wisefarmer learning platform

We actively participated in the creation of a learning platform for the Wisefarmer project, which will serve participants in educational activities in Hungary and Serbia. The platform seeks to meet the main objectives of the project aimed at peer to peer education in agriculture. More information about the focus of the project can be found at https://www.wisefarmer.eu/projekt_osszefoglalo.

The learning platform is available at learn.wisefarmer.eu.


WeAreNet actively participates in the WiseFarmer project - Erasmus project 2019-1-HU01-KA204-061083, where we launched the project website at www.wisefarmer.eu. The website is based on Open Source Drupal 8 technology. 

The website creates a platform for project participants, which is used for project monitoring, data storage for the project and communication platform. The public part of the website presents the project in the national languages of the participating countries.

FAO webinar series on strengthening agricultural extension and advisory services system

As a part of FAO’s work in transforming national agricultural extension and advisory services system (EAS), FAO’s Research and Extension Unit wishes to start a webinar series to raise awareness on various challenges and opportunities related to strengthening and reforming EAS.  EAS have been undergoing a deep transformation due to the changing context in which they operate. Previous top-down approach, where EAS would simply transfer the technology to producers, can no longer address modern challenges and it appears clear that EAS will be able to effectively support producers only if the services become relevant to the reality of producers.

Objective of the webinar series is to raise awareness and promote ways of reforming and strengthening EAS

Each of the planned webinars will deal with a specific issue related to strengthening capacity of the national extension and advisory service systems, such as market orientation, coordinating pluralistic providers, demand mobilization,...

Kick-off WiseFarmer project - Erasmus project 2019-1-HU01-KA204-061083

Date: 26-27 September, 2019

The meeting provided opportunities for partners to get to know each other better, presenting their background, activities, interest and in WiseFarmer project. Coordinator gave an overview of the project’s aims and objectives. The planned Intellectual Outputs (IOs) were introduced by  IO leading partners. Presentation about Wisefarmer learning methodology and wisefarming approach was followed by  discussions about the management, administration and financial issues. On the second they partners actually started the work for O1, and tested the project management platform for Quality Management, using webforms for Evaluation and Dissemination, as well as the Wisefarmer Drive and Forum.

WiseFarmer project start

WeAreNet takes part in the project "WiseFarmer: Connecting farm generations in the digital age", with the support of EU's Erasmus+ programme, and in collaboration with 7 partners from 5 countries, running from September 2019 until August 2021. Our main task will be development and support of the online learning collaboration platform, but will also engage in many other activities.


EIP AGRI meeting to follow up our SHIP expert consultation

The EIP-AGRI Workshop: "Small is smart" - Innovative solutions for small agricultural and forestry holdings, will take place in Bucharest, Romania, on 29-30 October 2019, with reference to the FAO Expert consultation on knowledge sharing for agricultural innovations applicable for smallholders and family farmers in Europe and Central Asia, organized by WeAreNet in collaboration with in 2018.

GODAN Vacancy: M&E and Research Coordinator

GODAN is currently looking for an experienced M&E and Research Coordinator to join the team. The post will be based in Montreal, Canada, with significant opportunity for travel. The post holder would be coordinating activity and work on behalf of GODAN across the African continent.


SmallHolder Innovation Platform is published online

The platform is accessible at: projects.agrowebcee.net/ship/

The main goal of the network is not only to collect and publish proven and promising innovations suitable especially for the smallholders and family farmers needs, but also to identify and gather problems from the field, and channel it to the platform for possible solution.