We are a group of enthusiastic people who work together long time and our cooperation is based on personal relations and open communication.

  • Name: WeAreNet
  • Identification No: 51646722
  • Type of organization: NGO
  • Adress: Nábrežie mládeže 73, 949 01, Nitra, Slovak Republic


  • Networking - which aims to connect people with similar goals with the latest technology and to promote tolerance, friendship and respect across ethnic groups, social groups and nationalities across Europe.
  • creation and implementation of national and international projects in cooperation with Slovak and foreign institutions in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT),
  • cooperation with professional organizations in the SR and abroad in order to promote the goals of the association,
  • dissemination of expertise and practical skills in ICT,
  • support for implementation of the latest trends in eSociety, eDemocracy, eGovernance, eAgriculture, eLearning, SmartCity, the knowledge society and support for open information technologies,
  • support ICT implementation in science, research, education, arts, culture, sport,
  • creating and leading a professional community to promote the association's goals,
  • organizing cultural, social, educational and sporting events (workshops, conferences, courses, trainings, internships),
  • providing analyzes, analyzes, surveys, consultations and consultancy,
  • providing information via the Internet, publishing and promoting,
  • organization and mediation of volunteer activity, Preservation of cultural, historical and natural values,
  • environmental protection with emphasis on agriculture and rural landscape,
  • promoting health and sport,
  • processing and realization of projects in order to obtain resources from different funds,

In order to achieve this goal, the civic association will in particular

  • organize and provide educational, sporting, social and cultural activities and events, seminars and trainings,
  • to carry out publishing and consulting activities,
  • to promote legislative changes at regional and national level, and
  • perform other support activities.

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